Join Homebuyers GroupJoin hands with other buyers of your Project and fight collectively.

Are you facing real estate issues like Delays, Super Area Increase, Inadequate or no delay compensation? We can help.

It’s always better to approach Consumer Forums in a group. This approach help in saving money and give you collective strength. At times, it may not be possible for individuals to find buyers who are facing similar issues or the existing group refuse to accept their membership.

Why fight alone when we you can fight collectively and back each other. Our team will help you make a group and provide you all the assistance to get justice.

How does it work?

Buyer(s) submit their details like Project details, contact details, and grievances in brief.

Note: Your details will not be published anywhere including our website.

Our team will compile all the data submitted by the buyers. We will form the groups as per the project and grievance.

When there are enough buyers (usually 10 – 15) that can be grouped, our team will contact them all and provide consulting.

Our aim is to provide fact-based consultation to buyers so that they can make an informed decision. The possibility of a mediation and legal case will be explored in this process.

Once the buyers are in agreement, we will provide them help in the selection of suitable lawyers and approach the appropriate legal forum.

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