Personal Advisor

What are your chances of winning? How much time it can take? Is it right to file the case before taking the possession?

Should I file the case as individual or with the group?

Everyone seems to be knocking the doors of the Courts to get justice for real estate issues. While the Consumer Forums (NCDRC) are becoming more and more consumer-centric, it is wise to blindly jump onto the bandwagon? Are you following the right advice or just following the herd?


Don’t be mislead by the lawyers and individuals. Our personal advisors are here to assist you with the most accurate information. We would analyze your case and offer you the best possible advice.


Advisory Charges

Individual homebuyer:- 2,000 for an hour meeting.

Homebuyer’s Group:- 5,000 for two hours meeting.

Drop an email to for appointments.

Note: Meeting will be held in Noida only. An additional fee shall be charged for other cities in NCR.