Company overview

The Logical Buyer is the brainchild of homebuyers who had suffered at the hand of developers in India. When we decided to raise a voice against the injustice, we realized that other real estate buyers need help too. We have not looked back since then.

Our team carefully analyze all the developments around homebuyers and real estate industry so that you don’t have to.

Our mission

We have made it our mission to educate homebuyers in India and help them fight for their rights:

  • Fight construction delays
  • Pay only what is right
  • understand your position in a situation of conflict with the developer
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I made decision to buy a house in NOIDA about seven years ago. With hindsight, the decision appeared to be a really bad one. I felt completely stuck with my life’s saving invested and a mounting loan to service for the next twenty years. Any dialogue with builder was a total waste as they had nothing to offer than extended deadlines which they continually missed. The builder figured out a way to excuse himself from paying the delay penalty, and to top that he has unilaterally and unjustifiably increased the super area. In those moments of despair, The Logical Buyer’s team came to my rescue. At the beginning I was apprehensive about their efficacy in resolving my issues. But the team consists of highly motivated individuals who have great in-depth understandings of buyers’ issues, and knew the most practical solution to address those. It took a month before the builder started paying heed to my concern when the team TLB took up my cause. Through legal ways, I have been able to ensure that I don’t pay anything extra, and I get my due penalties from the builder. The team then snowballed the case, and gathered homebuyers’ with similar concern to mount the pressure on the builder. This has resulted in a pressure on builder to expedite construction process. Thanks guys. Keep doing the good work.

Anuj Kumar Singh
Home Buyer, Noida

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