Company overview

The Logical Buyer is the brainchild of homebuyers who had suffered at the hand of developers in India. When we decided to raise a voice against the injustice, we realized that other real estate buyers need help too. We have not looked back since then.

Our team carefully analyze all the developments around homebuyers and real estate industry so that you don’t have to.

Our mission

We have made it our mission to educate homebuyers in India and help them fight for their rights:

  • Fight construction delays
  • Pay only what is right
  • understand your position in a situation of conflict with the developer
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“Existing Home buyers are a harassed lot now a days due to non delivery and various other issues with the builders and unresponsive Government. Even new buyers are confused as they do not know how to safeguard their interest. In such scenario, an unbiased advice is sorely needed. The Logical buyer has stepped in to provide latest information, advice and solutions. The group is run by home buyers, so they know all the process and pains which the home buyers have to go through. They also have the requisite legal experience, having fought the cases in NCDRC and Supreme Court. Our Developers Township Property Owners Welfare Society had filed cases in NCDRC for our members from Jaypee Wishtown. We won the famous Kalypso case in NCDRC which is now in consideration of Honourable Supreme Court. I am happy to say that they helped and guided us in the initial judicial process enabling us to file our cases.

I wish them all the best.

Arvind Jain
President, DTPOWS - Jaypee Buyer's Association

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