Dispute Resolution Cell

A mediation program between Homebuyers and the Developers

When you purchase a new home, the best way to ensure you end up with the home you purchased is to maintain open, collaborative communication with your builder and work through any issues or concerns as they arise.

Sometimes this dialogue becomes difficult, and it may seem you and your builder will never agree. If you’re unable to work through these differences, the Dispute Resolution Cell’s  Mediation Program provides effective dispute resolution services. These begin with mediation – a voluntary, highly effective process for resolving issues that may arise between homebuyers and their developers.

Sometimes it may not be viable for a layman to understand all the technicalities in the home buying process. The developer may be trying to mislead buyers in some cases while in other cases the buyer finds it difficult to understand even the genuine explanation from the developer.

Our expert team will understand the grievances of the customer and the justification provided by the Developer and help both parties arrive at an amicable solution. The buyers would always be our priority.

Dispute Resolution Cell - The Logical Buyer

Our Team: 

Our team consist of Experienced Home Buyers, Lawyers, Mediation & Arbitration Experts and Consumer Forum Experts.

How to contact us for Mediation: 

If you would like us to take up your case, write us an email at connect@thelogicalbuyer.com

Write a brief about your problem along with supporting documents and our team will get back to you at earliest.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) Why would the developer agree to mediation process?

A) Our team is well aware of the consumer issues and we have worked in this field for years. At a time when Courts are being pro consumers, the Developer also does not want to waste resources in the court of law for small issues. To save both time and money, many developers have agreed to solve the matter amicably and not escalate them to courts. The developer also understand that if the issues are no settled amicably, our team shall help the buyer to escalate the matter to the appropriate courts.

Q) What kind of issues can be resolved?

A) We have subject matter experts in all fields. However, the issues related to wrong demands, financial discrepancy etc can easily be resolved.

Q) What happens if the Developer does not agree to the proposal?

A)Most of the time it is in the best interest of both the parties to settle disputes out of the court. However, if the developer still doesn’t agree to the amicable solution proposed, the homebuyers shall be assisted to approach the appropriate courts/forums.

Q) Is this service chargeable?

A) Yes. We are pro homebuyers platform and do not favor the developer in any way. The services rendered by our team of experts comes with a nominal fee that a homebuyer can afford.